Thanks for a successful 2020 season!

As I write this, we are already preparing for the 2021 farming season. We’ll be sorting through our seed stocks tonight to order what we need for the year. Our finalization of membership once again to the Artisanal Chicken Program should be done soon. Our processing dates for this year should be set within a few weeks.

In 2020 we ended up raising 1050 chickens, 50 turkeys, added our two Hereford heifers which hopefully will calve later this summer, and had a [unfortunately mostly unsuccessful] start to the cutflower enterprise. While we “missed out” on the strong spring sales due to lack of product at the time, demand for our chickens has greatly increased and we have established a regular clientele – to whom we are very grateful for, and have good news:

We’re in it, for 2021 as well! No plans to being “shipped abroad” this year, which means more time on the farm and at the market! We’re finally breaking the cycle of “one year on, on year off”!

Generally, only minor tweaks are needed, and so I hope to have an even more successful year this year. Late in 2020 I invested in efficiency improvements to make the workload easier and have an even better quality of life for our animals. We’ll add pasture diversity with seeding new, locally-adapted varieties, and increase our treed pasture areas, providing that all-important mid-summer shade. And now that I managed to run chickens on an area that desperately needed fertility, we’ll get another beef animal to slowly increase our herd.

I’m excited. Are you?


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