Our Products

In 2020, we will be producing Pastured Chicken, Turkeys, and growing Flowers. We are not certified organic, though I am using organic practices, organic feed for the animals, and grow our plants without artificial pesticides and fertilizers.


Posted here are current prices, some items may not be available at this time, please inquire for availability

Cuts Chicken Turkey
Whole Birds, <4 lbs $6.50/lb N/A
Whole Birds, 4-6lbs $6.25/lb N/A
Whole Birds, >6lbs $5.75/lb N/A
Whole Birds, Turkey N/A Sold Out
Boneless Breast $10.50/lb Sold Out
Bone-In Breast $9.50/lb N/A
Leg Quarters $8.50/lb Sold Out
Chicken Wings $6/pk of 6 N/A
Ground $9.50/lb Sold Out
Thighs N/A Sold Out
Soup Bones $4.50/pk N/A

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Email: Adrien.Quenneville@gmail.com