2020 Season is upon us!

After a – let’s be honest here – disastrous start in 2019, Black Duck Farm is back with a BANG!

The only way I can describe the feeling is that I really really missed working with animals, planting and eating from our garden, and overall spending a summer improving our farm.

If you are on facebook, you may have noticed the heightened number of posts since April 1st. Nearly-daily updates there for your perusal. So far, some gardening, some techniques and tips for your garden/homestead, and some talking chicken. Come join us and swell our ranks!

This is the link: http://Facebook.com/BlackDuckFarmCanada

I also started a youtube channel for the farm. 1 very shaky video is all that populates the channel so far, but I have received a few days ago an adapter to place my phone on a tripod for better viewing pleasure. I will be making my best attempts at making all videos with versions in French and English. 2nd video is already in the pipeline!

This is the link: https://bit.ly/3cyhRIb

This year, we are doing 3 batches of organic-fed, pasture-raised chickens, and 1 batch of organic-fed, pasture-raised turkeys. I considered organic certification, but it is an expense I cannot have right now since, with the coronavirus, I am on layoff from work (What a difference from past summers!). YOU, my customers, will be my certification, and I still maintain my open-door policy for all visits – just call first to make sure I can meet you!

These are the following processing dates:

Batch 1: Medium whole chickens on June 18th, parted and halal chickens on June 29, and Large whole and parted chickens on July 6th

Batch 2: Target processing dates for medium chickens on August 16 and large whole and parted chickens on September 1st.

Batch 3: Target processing dates of October 1st and 15th (will probably do some halal as well here.)

Turkeys: Target processing date of October 8th (Thursday before Thanksgiving) By the way, I’ll have the Large Whites and the Orlopp Bronze, which are a heritage, smaller bird!

I will also be dabbling in flower production in 2020 – look to our facebook page and our instagram, @glennormanpermaculture, for nice pictures and updates on availability!

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST, we have partnered with the Glengarry Market in Alexandria to sell our products. You can find us in the freezer room in the first freezer on the right. Fair warning, other than the product I dropped off last week, Im almost sold out of everything until June 18th! Only chicken legs remain in reasonable quantities to market.

Working on an online web store to attach to this website, that’s on my list of things to look at this week. I believe the best way Black Duck Farm can benefit our community in these trying times is to shorten the supply lines to good food, because with good food, people think better and are more active participants. If you ever have any questions about my products, or how to purchase any other local products, just call, text, or email us, and I’ll hook you up!

Happy Eating!


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